Atlas Bidding Machine AS-BM-242

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The Atlas AS-BM-242 is a binding machine designed for securely binding documents, reports, presentations, and other materials.

Binding machines are commonly used in offices, schools, and other professional environments to create organized and professional-looking documents. They offer a more durable and polished alternative to using staples or paper clips.

Binding Styles: Binding machines typically support various binding styles, such as comb binding, wire binding, or coil binding. Each style offers its own advantages in terms of durability, flexibility, and presentation.

Document Capacity: Binding machines have different document capacity capabilities. They can usually handle a certain number of pages or a specific thickness of paper. This information should be specified in the product specifications for the AS-BM-242 model.

Binding Controls: The machine will have controls or settings to adjust the binding process. These may include options for margin adjustments, hole punching, or selecting the appropriate binding element size (e.g., comb or wire diameter).

Punching Mechanism: Binding machines typically have a punching mechanism to create evenly spaced holes along the edge of the document. This allows the binding element (such as a comb or wire) to be inserted securely.

Binding Element Insertion: Once the holes are punched, the user can insert the binding element through the punched holes. Depending on the binding style, this may involve aligning the holes with the comb fingers, threading wire through the holes, or other similar methods.

Binding Completion: After inserting the binding element, the machine may have a separate mechanism to close or secure the binding element, ensuring that the pages are tightly bound together.


Color White
Model AS-BM-242
Type Binding Machine
Manufacturer Atlas
  • Manual heavy duty punch / bind machine
  • Punches 10-12 sheets and binds up to 425 sheets up to FS size
  • Two handles for easy punch and bind
  • Selectable punching pins, adjustable margin depth & comb opening control


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