Samsung Galaxy AI S24+ Memory: 12GB / Storage: 512GB Available in Nairobi, Kenya.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy AI S24+ with 12GB RAM and 512GB Storage at a price of Ksh. 171,999 in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Big, bigger, and faster

They’re the upgrades you’ve waited for. More screen. More battery. More processing power.6 There’s so much more to love about Galaxy S24 and S24+. Especially now that Galaxy S24+ has the highest screen resolution on a Galaxy device: QHD+.

A true pixel powerhouse that will not disappoint. Ever. Snap high-res pics for that will no doubt withstand the test of time for years to come.

Shoot far. Even in the dark

Capture bright, colorful, clear photos, even in the dark with AI ISP. Finally, the portraits you’ve been dreaming of. Zoom in 2x, or even 3x — it doesn’t matter. Each distance can be as clear as day even though it’s technically night.

Super HDR previews. AI-enhanced before you even snap

With our latest Super HDR upgrade, you can capture vivid shots the way you see them, from preview to posting.15 And it even works when you shoot with Instagram.

See a Super HDR preview before you even hit the shutter. Keep it in your Gallery, or upload it to your feed — either way, you’ll see the same show-stopping HDR quality.

Resize it, Retouch it. Just like that
Samsung Galaxy AI S24+

Rotate your photo and let the background fill complete the missing corners to fit the frame.

Unlock the magic of AI-powered photo editing.4 Now you can effortlessly perfect your photos, ensuring every image shines. But that’s not all, even if you couldn’t capture the shot you wanted, Generative Edit can fill in backgrounds and make unwanted objects *poof* disappear.

A photo is edited in the Gallery app. To straighten it, the photo is rotated and empty corners appear in the frame. Then, missing areas and backgrounds are filled in.

Live Translate. The easiest way to communicate

Get quick language translation on your next phone call.2 That’s right, AI helps you communicate outside your own language while you talk on the phone. And get this, it even works on messaging

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